Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets Bundle

Shameless self promo, since the last couple of years, photography has been my #1 passion project. From family photos, professional portraits, work events, wedding photography & most importantly travel & adventures, I’ve always been obsessed by capturing moments. Although I really like shooting, I must admit that my favorite part of the process is to take the time and edit photos. Oh man, the number of nights I spent with a can of redbull, bag of candies and good music in my headphones while editing hundreds of photos in Lightroom are countless!

During that time, I also purchased many Lightroom Presets that I’ve used a bunch. Most recently, I decided to take the time and craft my own and make them available for anyone to use!

Introducing my very first “INST@FAMOUS Lightroom Presets Bundle”. Let’s be clear here, the word INST@FAMOUS is a total marketing play. This bundle includes 12 professional presets for your everyday photography. Easy to install, easy to use, these presets will definitely help you up your photography skills.