Move fast & break stuff.


Hello, I'm Peecho

I’m originally from Montréal Québec. 3 years ago I decided to move to California with only a backpack for a life adventure.

I have contagious energy, I approach design with a no-ego attitude and I’m a team player that strives for the best.

When I’m not creating, I enjoy traveling the world, spending hours at the beach and watching a hockey game with some friends. You can follow my stories on my blog.

“You’re not your work and your work is not you” - Mike Monteiro (Mentor)


Nice words from nice people.

Claude is an extremely passionate, dedicated and thoughtful designer. Over the two years I worked with Claude I was continuously impressed by his drive and dedication. Given a task, Claude will challenge you, surprise you, and completely blow you away with what he creates. Speed, creativity and charisma are his strengths. He is able to think high level as a visionary and then execute successfully and quickly.

Claude is also an infectious people person that craves collaboration and involvement with his colleagues and peers. His energy and personality brings teams closer and inspires people to do great work together. He is hungry to learn and is constantly pushing himself to try new things.
— Dan Trenkner - Creative Director @Telepathy
A creative mind, a real one! Not only talented, Claude goes in details in what he does. He understands business stakes and is able to integrate them into his design strategies. Claude has an energy that reflects on everyone around and that drives every projects he is working on.
— Jean-Sébastien Prunet - Marketing Director at Somfy Protect by Myfox
Without question, of my favorite designers with whom I have ever worked. His passion for creation is contagious and he follows the famous Facebook motto “move fast and break things” to the fullest extent.
— Brian Bimschleger - Head of Strategy @ Arthur
Claude likes to move fast and break things, and in the process he uncovers ideas and solutions most people don’t think of. The energy he brings to a team is contagious, as he adds that instant catalyst and creative spark to everything he touches.
— Brad Soroka - Senior Product Designer @ ServiceNow
Working with Claude was a pleasure. He is a strategic and creative leader. Is solution oriented and delivered exceptional designs. Able to grasp the creative nuances of the brand and apply them in various tight deadlines. His positive attitude & energy made him one of the most delightful and valuable members in creative department.
— Arveen Ahluwalia - Director, Project Delivery at Demac Media