15Five is a tool that helps managers celebrate wins, remove roadblocks and discover great ideas each week. I was lead designer on the account for over a year working on various types of projects like iOS app, data visualization & product design.

Client testimonial

Client testimonial

"I was very quickly struck by his passion and proactivity in his work with 15Five, which exceeded any designed I'd ever worked with in a consultative arrangement. His work and interactions and enthusiasm communicated a level of care and engagement as if the product was his own. He very quickly got up to speed with our design aesthetic, and then kept pushing us above and beyond, challenging our ideas in really great ways. He even surprised us with some really groundbreaking concept designs for our product that he did on his own time as a project to increase his own skills, which ended up influencing an entire reskin of our product, and a beautiful new iPhone app UI. I have only wonderful things to say about Claude, and feel anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with him. "

- David Hassell, CEO